Your Donations Do Make A Difference

I think stories are important. We are able to connect with real people and their lives. Donations given to Skills of Central PA impact real people. When I first realized the depth and breadth of the people benefitting from individual donations, I was moved to tears. Each story is important. They are numerous. Each one important to the lives that were changed.

We often think that insurance and government funding covers everything that people need, but the reality is that often things we take for granted are handled for the people we support solely through donations. The beauty of this is that a single donation can make a huge difference in one life.

Items like dentures, wheelchairs, and proper winter clothing are all attributed to individual donations. Just knowing that YOU give people smiles, mobility and comfort is moving. But the list doesn’t end there. Your donations also give people independence, providing chairlifts, and knee braces.

Some of the most moving stories center around life decisions…covering lawyer fees for things like guardianship and giving one individual the ability to communicate with a proper iPad and communication software.

It wasn’t until I began to stop looking at donations as going into one big donor fund and to look at each person impacted, that I began to feel my own heart open and realize that I, even as an individual, can make a difference.

While we often share our stories of families impacted by the programs we provide at Skills; it’s just as important to share the stories of the impact of our donors. Without you, there would be less healthy smiles, less mobile people, and less independence. You help us fulfill our mission of creating opportunities and providing support for people who need specialized services to enhance all aspects of their lives.