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Meet our President & CEO

Meet our President & CEO

I would like to introduce myself. I am Rebecca Aungst, President & CEO of the Skills organization. It is my pleasure to share a bit of information about our organization and how far we’ve come since our beginning in 1960.

Currently, we are known primarily as a provider of multiple services for people with intellectual disabilities. However, over the past several years, we have diversified our services to include Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Peer Support Services for people with mental health challenges and our more recent effort at diversification of services – an outpatient Drug & Alcohol Program in Cambria County.

In addition to diversifying services, we are also focusing our efforts on expanding existing services to other populations and other geographical areas. We now provide the opportunity to access many of our services in 17 counties.

At Skills, we operate from the premise of supporting people to have “everyday life” as per the office of Developmental Programs. Also, we firmly believe in the principles of Person Centered Thinking and strive to support people in our services as well as the employees using these principles as our guide. The focus is on listening to what people need, finding out how to best support them and developing services and standards to help them be successful. We recognize the employees as our most valuable asset, and their success is our success and the key to being a quality provider.

I hope that you will consider us as a provider for someone you know who is in need of supports or as an employer if searching for a career. As per our mission and our strategic plan, we will always strive to be a quality provider and a premier employer as we work to enhance peoples lives together.

Thank you for visiting our website.

Rebecca Aungst, President/CEO

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