Older Adult Day Services

Skills’ Older Adult Day Program offers training and support for older adults with developmental disabilities. Area citizens aged sixty and over are invited to participate in a variety of activities designed to meet their individual interests and needs.

Service Overview:

Our program places emphasis on achieving personal fulfillment, fostering independence in making life decisions, and interacting with peers.

Skills’ program areas offer a variety of group activities including, community outings, hobby exploration, and health maintenance related activities such as nutrition and exercise. We offer a range of choices for each person to participate in activities appropriate to their age and interests. We operate in an environment that stresses respect, dignity and safety for all the people we support.

Health and Fitness:

The Skills Health and Fitness Program helps our participants stay healthy by offering simple low impact exercises. Special attention is paid to meeting the person’s needs while performing group exercises. Participants, including those with limited mobility, enjoy a carefully planned experience in physical fitness, muscle strengthening and coordination.

Additional recreational activities are incorporated into daily routines to increase enjoyment and encourage participation. Bucket basketball, ring toss, penny pitching, horeshoes, and darts are among the planned, physical conditioning games. Music therapy sessions are also offered to participants. These sessions use rhythm band instruments to enhance coordination skills.

The Skills’ Health and Fitness Program also focuses on developing and maintaining self-care skills. Discussions and practices on grooming and nutrition are held regularly.

Daily Living Activities:

Skills’ Daily Living activities program offers participants the opportunity to improve and increase their knowledge on a variety of topics. Group discussion builds and develops social interaction and communication skills.


Working on craft projects




Cooking and baking






Watching old movies

Each holiday, the participants work together to make festive decorations to display in their room.

Community Interaction

Our participants track current events and participate regularly in outside activities in the community.

Outside activities include, but are not limited to, bowling, swimming, live theatre presentations, Bingo, lunch at Senior Centers, boat rides, shopping, dining out, picnics and birthdays.

Services are available in the following counties:

Blair County

Cambria County

Mifflin County


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