Community Participation Support

Community Participation Support provides opportunities and support for community inclusion and building interest in and developing skill and potential for competitive integrated employment.  Often volunteer work in the community is a part of the community participations support focus as a means to building on or enhancing work skills.  Volunteering includes participation in things such as: 

  • Meals on wheels delivery
  • Maintaining the Discovery Garden at Legion Park
  • Clean up at local parks and camp areas
  • Helping at a local SPCA and so much more.

Service Goals:

Services should result in active, valued participation in a broad range of integrated activities that build on the participant’s interests, preferences, gifts, and strengths while reflecting his or her desired outcomes related to employment, community involvement and membership.

Community Participation Support is intended to flexibly wrap around or otherwise support community life secondary to employment, as a primary goal. This service involves participation in integrated community settings, in activities that involve persons without disabilities who are not paid or unpaid caregivers.

This service is expected to result in the participant developing and sustaining a range of valued social roles and relationships; building natural supports; increasing independence; increasing potential for employment; and experiencing meaningful community participation and inclusion.

Community Participation activities include (but are not limited to) the following supports for:

Developing skills and competencies necessary to pursue competitive integrated employment

Fine and gross motor development and mobility.

Participating in community activities, organizations, groups, associations or clubs to develop social networks.

Participating in community opportunities related to the development of hobbies or leisure/cultural interests or to promote personal health and wellness (e.g. yoga class, hiking group, walking group, etc.).

Opportunities focused on training and education for self-determination and self-advocacy.

Participating in community adult learning opportunities.

Participating in volunteer opportunities.

Learning to navigate the local community, including learning to use public and/or private transportation and other transportation options available in local areas.

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