Behavior Support Services

Behavior Support Services include assessment, training, and intervention to help people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities who experience challenging and complex behaviors. Often, these behaviors can leave families feeling frustrated and can make it difficult for your loved one to participate in family activities and events, attend day programs, or have meaningful employment. We are trained in strategies and techniques to address challenging behavior to help both families and support teams achieve the best possible outcomes.

Strengthen Family Interactions
Often, behaviors that are seen as problematic are the only way someone has to communicate their needs. Problematic behavior often leads to isolation both for families and those who experience it. Often this is due to communication issues and unfamiliarity of what healthy relationships look like. Skills can help your loved one learn how to interact more effectively. We help identify and address the underlying causes of challenging behavior to help ease family interactions through improved understanding.

Why Choose Skills for Behavior Support?

  • We are person-centered, so everything we do revolves around what is important to and for your loved one.
  • We are specialists in listening. We seek to understand your particular situation so we can develop a plan to address the underlying causes of challenging behavior.
  • We're flexible. If a plan isn't working, we proactively suggest changes.
  • We conduct cultural assessments to gather each family member's perspective.
  • We conduct sensory evaluations to identify triggers for problem behavior.
  • We guide activities to help reconcile concerns and repair family bonds.
  • We work with your family and other support providers to implement a plan.
  • We attend counseling and medical apppointments with your loved one.
  • We educate employers and first responders about your loved one's needs.
  • We accompany people in the community or at work to learn about behavior.
  • We find creative and community participation activities to teach interaction skills.

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