Adult Autism Waiver Services

Specialized Services and supports are provided in a variety of ways to help meet the needs of the participant.

Programs that provide this support for people with autism include:

Behavior Specialist Support – provides interventions that help a person develop positive behaviors that will allow them to participate more fully in home, family, and community life.  Interventions may include plan development, training, consultation and crisis interventions supports.

Community Inclusion Services – provides activities to improve a person’s ability to perform activities of daily living to include (mobility, food preparation, communication, money management, time management, shopping, use of public transportation, etc.) so that these tasks may be performed independently. This service is provided in a participant’s home and at community locations, such as libraries, stores, and recreational facilities.

Job Assessment and Job Finding – supports to help a person obtain paid or volunteer work in the community and maintain employment once it is obtained.  Interventions include completing of an assessment to determine interests and skills, matching those skills and interests to jobs in the community, and “job tryouts” to assess aptitude in particular type of job.  Successful outcomes in this program is defined as a permanent job placement for 30+ days.

Community Homes – supports are provided in licensed homes not owned by the person or a family member and includes activities to assist a person in acquiring, retaining, and improving communication, socialization, self-direction, self-help, and other skills needed to live in the community.  Supports also include activities to help a person perform activities of daily living (i.e, bathing,dressing, food preparation, mobility, communication, money management, time management, personal shopping) and includes transportation to community activities.

What Adult Autism Services does Skills provide?


Behavior Specialist Consultation, Plan Development, and Direct Service (Age 21 – 65+) (BSS)


Community Inclusion Services (In Home and Community Supports)


Day Habilitation Services (ATS)


Job Finding and Assessment (Job Support and Job Finding)


Residential Habilitation (Community Homes)

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The Bureau of Autism Services handles all applications and referrals. For more information about this program, eligibility requirements and/or to request an application, please contact the Bureau of Autism Services:

Bureau of Autism Services
Office of Developmental Programs, Department of Public Welfare
Third Floor, Bertolino Building
1401 North Seventh Street, Harrisburg, PA 17102

Questions regarding eligibility requirements for the Adult Autism Waiver should be directed to 1-866-539-7689.

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