Meet the Skills Team! Maggie Loftis – Compliance Assistant

What is your current role at Skills?
I am the Compliance Assistant. I work in the Compliance and Quality Improvement Department. Mostly I do monitoring, but I also write policies and procedures, complete investigations, and do lots of other compliance and QI related tasks.

How long have you been with Skills, and what other roles have you had while you’ve been here?
I’ve been at Skills for 11 months and have been in this role the entire time.

How does your program help people overcome obstacles in their lives?

I hope that the work I do in compliance helps make it easier for staff to understand the regulations and our policies so that they can continue to provide excellent supports.

How do you determine what type of support someone needs in order to best help them?

Unfortunately I don’t get to work directly with the people we support, but I do get the opportunity each month to visit various homes and programs and witness our staff providing incredible supports. I have seen that our staff are not only dedicated but also care deeply about the people they support and know exactly what they need to be successful and happy.

What do you love about working at Skills?
What I love most about working at Skills are the people that I work with and getting the opportunity to visit so many programs and see the amazing work that is done with so many people in so many different programs.