Meet the Skills Team: Sasha Kelley, Director of Outpatient Treatment Services

What is your current role at Skills?

Director of Outpatient Treatment Services at the Portage location.

How long have you been with Skills, and what other roles have you had while you’ve been here?

I have worked for Skills for almost 2 years. I started out part-time as an intake clinician, primarily completing the walk-in assessments. Then, I began building my own caseload of individuals for counseling services when we began our Mental Health Outpatient Program in March 2019.

What does a typical day look like for someone in your role?

A typical day varies for me. Usually, it includes direct service counseling sessions and completing walk-in assessments for Substance Use treatment and/or Mental Health treatment. I also oversee the day to day operations of the program and conduct clinical supervision to our clinical staff. I may help field questions and information to other agencies or contacts, and provide additional information regarding our services and what we may be able to offer to individuals seeking treatment.

How does your program help people overcome obstacles in their lives?

Counseling and therapy services can really help individuals have a safe space and environment to open up about their inner struggles. We are able to assist individuals in identifying what is really inhibiting their ability to be their best self. We encourage them to use their strengths and supports to improve their quality of life in a meaningful way. This is unique to every individual we work with.

It can be powerful to sit with someone, supporting them in their emotional struggles, and assisting them in learning and implementing healthier coping strategies. Oftentimes, when individuals come to us for treatment, they feel defeated, or they feel pressured by someone in their life telling them that they need treatment. However, we take everything into account, and really meet people where they are in their journey. We help them identify what goals they want to accomplish for themselves with the support of outpatient treatment.

How do you determine what type of support someone needs in order to best help them?

We take a collaborative approach to treatment services, taking into account the needs identified by our individuals and our clinical recommendations. Together, we have a thorough discussion about what goals or objectives they would like to focus on.  We talk about prioritizing needs or stressors, and work on the most safety sensitive, or emotionally triggering needs first.

What do you love about working at Skills?

I love the different hats that I wear here and being able to be a part of different services and programs. It is challenging, rewarding, but never boring!

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