Meet the Skills Team: Sarah Green, Residential Manager and Licensed Practical Nurse

A nurse works with an individual in a home.What is your current role at Skills?

Residential Manager and Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

How long have you been with Skills, and what other roles have you had while you’ve been here?

I have worked for Skills for 18 years. I started out as a Direct Support Professional at an Intermediate Care Facility. Then, when we started to open the group homes I transferred out into the group homes. I then went to nursing school and was working as an LPN/DSP. I was later promoted to an LPN Team Leader then to my current position of Residential Manager.

How does your program help people overcome obstacles in their lives?

I believe by assisting those that we support to be healthier and advocating for both their physical and mental health, we assist them in their everyday life to manage things they may have struggled with before. For example, assisting someone to be on the right medications allows them to be more active and alert and allows them to interact with those around them. It’s a wonderful thing to see.

How do you determine what type of support someone needs in order to best help them?

I typically decide what types of supports someone may need by using a holistic approach. You need to look at all aspects of a person’s life to see what supports they may need. There are many things that are connected and may manifest in physical symptoms that are the result of an emotional need.

What do you love about working at Skills?
I love working for Skills because I enjoy celebrating success with the individuals we support. They bring so much joy to the world. There are no two days alike!

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