Memorial & Honorary Giving Programs

Memorial & Honorary Giving Programs

With your support we can change lives.

Memorial Gifts offer a meaningful way to extend condolences after the loss of a beloved friend, family member, or business associate, while supporting the Skills Foundation.

Honorary Gifts allow you to commemorate your living friends and relatives on special occasions by making a gift in their name to The Skills Foundation. Honorary contributions can be made to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, retirement, holiday, or any other special occasion.

How to Give

How Is My Contribution Acknowledged?

An acknowledgment will be sent to whomever you wish to be notified of your gift, such as family or friends of the deceased or the person being honored. The gift amount will not be disclosed in this acknowledgment. A thank-you note will be sent to you, acknowledging your gift and the amount.

Who Does My Contribution Help?

Your gift will support Skills programs for people with disabilities. Throughout Pennsylvania, Skills provides residential programs and support services for people with developmental disabilities and/or mental illness, many with multiple physical disabilities, medical complications, and behavior program needs.

Your contribution helps Skills continue to provide high-quality programs and facilities to help individuals with disabilities live their lives with purpose and dignity, and to provide opportunities and choices for Skills clients to grow and function at their full potential as independently as possible.


Do you have a question?

For more information please contact the Development Directorat 814-238-3245 extension 313.