Celebrating Direct Support Professionals

Direct Support Professionals are special!

According to socialworkdegreeguide.com, “DSPs possess certain attributes that allow them to perform effectively. They get on with everyone, regardless of their culture, religion, age or background. Since they deal with individuals who have mental, developmental and physical disabilities, DSPs are tactful, patient and understanding.”

While we couldn’t agree more with the characteristics above; at Skills we know they bring that and so much more to the table. Our DSP’s display the above even when they might personally be having a bad day. They assist with intimate activities such as meal preparation and planning; medication administration; and personal care. This type of oversight often includes aiding with community involvement, accompanying individuals on outings in the community, or providing transportation to work or other activities. For many DSP’s the people they support become like family, and like family, they feel both the joys and sorrows of their everyday lives.

Our DSP’s will tell you they get so much more than pay and benefits from their careers. They get the satisfaction of making a difference. They get to feel love and appreciation on a daily basis. When DSP’s see the people, they support bloom and grow within the community it makes even the tough days, worth it.

Each month in September national organizations like ANCOR, remind us to honor and celebrate our Direct Support Professionals. This is a significant week (and month) at Skills of Central PA. We know that our DSP’s can have bad days – just like the rest of us. We know they can suffer from “compassion fatigue” and that they count on us as their support team to keep going on days when they may need a little boost. Because of that, we take full advantage of months like September to put just a bit more emphasis on recognizing their work and to become their cheerleaders…just like they do for the people we support each and every day.

DSP’s are the heart and soul of Skills of Central PA, and during September we encourage you to thank the DSP’s that you know for the differences they make in our communities.

If you know someone with the characteristics above; please encourage them to get to know Skills of Central PA. We would love to make them part of our growing team.