Autism Services: Helping To Support & Grow Within Our Community

Many people are now familiar with autism, and almost all families either have a member, neighbor or friend with autism.

For many of us, we first learned of autism in a child. In fact, the CDC reports that the new estimate represents a 15 percent increase in prevalence nationally to 1 in 59 children, from 1 in 68 children, two years prior.

The CDC further states that “prevalence estimates varied widely between monitoring sites, with significantly higher numbers at sites where researchers had full access to school records. This suggests that the new national numbers reflect a persistent undercount of autism’s true prevalence among the nation’s children.

Skills of Central PA plays a very important future role as children with autism grow into adulthood. Because needs can vary as the people we support transition into adulthood, we are dedicated to continuing to learn and grow our Autism Support Services.

Autism Speaks shared that each year they estimate 50,000 teens with autism age out of school-based services, creating a large gap for employment, housing, and social inclusion. This has become part of our future mission. Skills of Central PA is dedicated to ongoing training and partnerships that will help to forge the future in Pennsylvania for adults living with autism.

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Photo credit: Angello Lopez on Unsplash