Creating Opportunities

Skills believes everybody has the capability of becoming the best version of themselves.

Our supportive staff partners with people and families in their journey to overcome obstacles. We work to create opportunities that introduce possibility and hope. As a premier health and human services organization, Skills strives to help people living with behavioral health, intellectual or development challenges. We work to overcome adversity, promote choice, encourage recovery, and give support when the people we work with need it most.

Our Mission

Skills is committed to providing choices that promote independence and enhance all aspects of the lives of people who need our support at home, at work, and in the community.

Our Vision

We will redefine our industry through innovation, partnership, and inclusion – making people our priority.

Our Guiding Principles

We are committed to providing a safe, healthy, and supporting living and working environment.

We are committed to promoting respect and dignity to people, families, employees, and customers.

We are committed to developing and maintaining open and honest communication with people, families, employees, and customers.

We are committed to providing the highest quality services in a cost-effective manner.

We are committed to being person-centered.

We are committed to be responsive to the changing needs, requirements, and markets for our services.

Our Values

Because we believe in dignity and worth of every person, we are committed to operating according to the values of:


We champion choice and independence for the people we serve. We train and entrust our employees to work toward the well-being of our clients, our communities, and Skills.


Relationships are the keys to strength. We strive to build and improve connections with the people we serve, their families, businesses, donors, public officials and communities.


We provide services using a code of honesty, respect, and responsibility.


We constantly work to improve our processes and services so that we can exceed the expectations of the people we serve, their families, our employees and our community partners.


We understand that learning is an ongoing process. We value opportunities to gain knowledge that allows us to better serve people and our communities.

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