Shane’s Story

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Shane lives in Skills’ community home in Colver, Pennsylvania, with housemates George and Matt. The house sits at the top of a hill near a church with an onion dome on top. It’s a pretty setting, but the winters can be tough.

The house is large and the kitchen is filled with sunlight in the morning. It’s the sort of place you’d like to sit on a cold winter day. A wooden deck off of the kitchen overlooks a big back yard. Sometimes raccoons and groundhogs stop by for a visit. Once, a bear walked right down the street. In the living room, you can relax on one of the overstuffed couches while you watch football on the big screen TV.

Shane is in the kitchen talking with Tom Rito, the team leader at the house. Shane has to work tonight, and they’re working out the details about transportation to and from work. “The staff help me get to work and back,” Shane explains. “They also help me out by giving me reminders about things around the house.”

Shane works at Off the RAK Restaurant & Bar in Ebensburg. He’s worked there for four years. Shane likes the people he works with. He says Bob “the head boss” is nice and helpful and funny, and he likes his other co-workers as well. “I’m the head dishwasher,” Shane explains with a smile. He likes to work. After all, more hours means a bigger paycheck, which allows him to do the things he enjoys.

Shane is twenty-nine years old and likes doing things that appeal to most guys his age. He likes music, rock and rap, mostly. Bands like the Eagles, Metallica, Eminem, and Nelly. He likes to travel, too. One of his favorite trips was to Las Vegas with his family. They stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel. They had fun at the casino and went to a concert where musicians from a bunch of old bands joined together in a single band for the concert. Shane really enjoyed that trip.

He also loves video games, RPGs mostly. (That’s “Role-Playing Games” for you non-gamers.) Final Fantasy VII, XII, and XIV are current favorites. Not long ago, he bought a PlayStation®5, which is a very big deal in the gaming world.

Shane is an avid book reader. He likes fantasy stories best. He’s also an aspiring writer. He’s already written one book—by hand—and is several chapters into writing a second one. He’d like to get his stories published someday. First though, he needs to get his stories typed out. Unfortunately, his word processing software hasn’t been cooperating, so Lisa Belchick, a Skills Administrative Support Assistant, is typing up his first book for him.

Right now, though, Shane’s got food on his mind. He’s hoping to go out for dinner before he has to be at work tonight. He and the Skills staff who work in the home often go out to eat. They enjoy one another’s company, truly, and they’re living life together with all of its ups and downs. What more could you ask for?


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