Leo’s Foundation Story

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Leo has lived in one of Skills’ community homes in York, Pennsylvania, since 2010. Direct support professional Michelle Baum, who has supported Leo for eight years, says Leo is friendly, outgoing, and fun to be around. He loves to tell jokes, laugh, and play catch and Yahtzee with staff. Leo is also independent and likes to get himself out of bed in the morning.

In July of 2020, Leo started rolling himself out of bed at night. Since we are not able to use bedrails per state guidelines, the staff who supported Leo lowered his bed as much as possible and placed mats on the floor next to it to keep him safe. They also worked to explain to him that rolling out of bed could be dangerous and also consulted Skills’ Behavior Support team for suggestions on how to help meet his need to be independent. However, Leo continued to roll himself out of bed.

While Leo’s direct support staff continued to work with him, the team leader in his community home realized that a more immediate solution was needed to keep Leo safe. She requested funding from the Skills Foundation to pay for a floor-level bed system as well as a safety mat.

Now that Leo has his new bed and safety mat, he is able to get into and out of bed on his own whenever he wants. He is able to be independent, while staying safe, healthy, and happy.

This solution was possible thanks to the support of our donors. Please help us continue to enhance the lives of the people we support by making a donation to the Skills Foundation.

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