When Problems Are Not as Bad as They Seem: Bill’s Psych Rehab Story

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When Problems Are Not as Bad as They Seem: Bill’s Psych Rehab Story

The Skills Psych Rehab Program has certainly changed my life. It has taught me how to cope with anxiety and panic attacks.

I never knew there were so many options on how to handle this problem. With the help of my Psych Rehab Specialist, Traci, I have been able to use mantras, sayings and positive thinking at times when the anxiety and panic attacks are at their worst. I have also learned how to use breathing exercises and how to change my thoughts from thinking the worst to what I need to do to get through the attacks.

I have also learned how to be able to eat well and lose weight at the same time. With Traci’s help, I have been able to find recipes and substitute healthy ingredients to make recipes that help me to lose weight, yet still enjoy the taste of things I like. I really enjoy looking up recipes with her, and I love trying new things, especially when they are good, and everyone else in our house seems to enjoy it even if they don’t not know it is healthier for them.


I also enjoy listening to Ted Talks with her as we have learned many things from breathing exercises to physical exercises and how other people cope with panic attacks and anxiety. We have even learned how to cope with difficult people, such as friends who may get into heated arguments during disagreements.

Traci has helped me in so many other ways, too. My hygiene is getting better, and I feel better about myself. I have always showered and kept myself clean but had problems wanting to shave and some issues around my appearance. We have come up with a plan that is on my phone for reminders.  Now, I have shaving days, exercise days, and other things also.

When we do fun things in the community, I feel more confident about myself and feel I am no different than anyone else. This program has gotten me to get out more with friends and do things we like to do. I am blessed that I am able to make trips to sporting events and other things I like with friends very regularly in nice weather.


All in all, I feel good about myself but still have a way to go. With the help of the Mobile Psych Rehab Program, there’s nothing I can’t do or work through. In such a short time, I have felt so good about what we have accomplished, and I look forward to the future with learning and dealing with problems that are not as bad as they seem. Traci stands by me 100%. She lets me make all my own decisions, and she also recommends things that may be helpful for me. I look forward to our visits together, and I know that afterwards I will always be in a better mood and feel better about life’s situations.

I highly recommend this program to everyone. Miracles do happen, and people can recover from anything and everything if they choose to do so. I’m thankful to Skills’ staff for everything, as this program has truly been a lifesaver.  I would tell everyone to try and give this a chance. In my 35 to 40 years in mental health programs, it is a program like no other I have ever seen.

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