Meet the Skills Team! Jean Forry, Team Leader

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Meet Jean Forry, Team Leader at Skills

team leader

Jean Forry helps out by giving a haircut during the quarantine.

What is your role at Skills?

My current role at Skills is Residential Team Leader.

How long have you been with Skills, and what other roles have you had while you’ve been here?

I started at Skills June 11, 1986.  I was first hired per diem, then went to part-time and full-time as a DSP.  I took the position of Team Leader in the late 1990s.

What does a typical day look like for you at Skills?

A typical day (when not during the COVID-19) usually starts with a couple hours in the A.M. to do my required “paperwork.”  I also help out in the A.M. with the morning routine if needed.  I take the guys to their medical appointments.

I am also a Safe Supportive Techniques trainer, First Aid/CPR instructor, and a Practicum Observer for Medical Administration. For Med Admin., I am taking my online test to be a trainer in June.  I also am on the Quality Improvement committee as well as the Helping Hands committee.  On this committee we do fundraisers to help out staff when they are out with medical issues such as illness or pregnancy, and we help out when staff have a family member ill and need to be off. We also have Christmas Parties and usually a summer picnic for staff to show them our gratitude for all that they do.

How does your work help people overcome obstacles in their lives?

How I feel my work helps people overcome obstacles in their lives is by giving them the support they need, yet providing them choices of how they want to live their lives. I try to find activities they like or introduce them to new activities. I try to help them feel like part of their community.

How do you determine what type of support someone needs in order to best help them?

Finding out how to provide the best support they need is about getting to know them.  You can do this by asking them what support they want/need. Also, you must always be aware as time goes on this support may change.  They might learn how to do things independently or require more assist as time goes on. Documenting is key.  It helps keep all staff aware of changes that occur.  We also get a lot of support from Behavior Support. They provide us with education as well as new ideas to try.

We always have to remember we are here because of the people we support. Without them, we would not have a job.  We need to let them have the right to make choices in their daily lives just like we have.

What do you love about working at Skills?

What I love most about working for Skills is the people I support.  I have been with them for so many years.  They are so kind and caring and you can’t help but love them.  They become a second family.  Also I must give kudos to my management staff.  Both my manager and director are very involved.  They are always there to support staff and the people we support.  It’s nice to work at a job when everyone is on the same page.


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