Employment Services – It’s Not Just About Social Responsibility

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Working is something that many people consider just that, work. For others, working is part of living a productive life. Employment Services gives people with intellectual and developmental disabilities the chance to find meaningful and gainful employment as part of a productive life.

At Skills, we believe that the opportunity to have gainful, competitive employment involves understanding people’s wants and needs. Just like you and I, it is important to remember that not everyone using Employment Services has the same gifts, interests or even experience. Because of that, we provide a complete suite of tools from career assessments, job readiness surveys, resume and interview assistance, and job placement services.

Once a person we support is hired, our role does not end. They are provided an Employment Training Specialist who assists them as they learn and maneuver this new work experience. In the event that there are additional needs or even issues that arise, that Employment Training Specialist is there to provide retraining and support whenever necessary.

We have many employee/employer success stories and the testimonials we receive often carry a similar tone – to have someone show up to work each day with a smile on their face, looks forward to working and inspires each of us to do our own jobs with enthusiasm and joy. This leads to higher retention rates in positions that once held a high rate of turnover.

It is our goal in 2019 to introduce our Employment Services to new and growing businesses throughout the many counties where we offer other services and supports. Employment Services include a range of jobs and we strive to meet the needs of a wide variety of businesses. It is important that businesses remain open to our services and schedule a discovery meeting where we can explore how our services can meet their employment needs. When we work together in this capacity, we really can create a win/win.
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