Living a Person-Centered Mission

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image media=”86577″ media_width_percent=”100″][vc_column_text]As a person centered organization we live out our mission on a daily basis –putting people – those we support and those we employ – at the center of decisions. This is based on our fundamental belief that people have a deep understanding of their own needs, desires, and values. For us this has led to a culture of partnership – sharing in compassionate thinking in all decisions.

As one expert at Health Innovation Network states (1), “In the past, people were expected to fit in with the routines and practices that health and social services felt were most appropriate. But in order to be person-centered, services need to change to be more flexible to meet people’s needs in a manner that is best for them.”
We are often asked what it means to work for or receive care from a person – centered organization. To put it in terms that everyone can relate to, it means that all people come to the table in decisions; including those receiving care.

When a decision needs to be made, there are often at least 3 sides, the person receiving care (and in many cases, their family), the caregiver, and management. When a person- centered approach is applied we find common ground in decisions. At the heart of it all – we focus on what is best for the people we support. That means we include them, whenever possible, in the creation of their care plans.

There is a lot more to the approach an organization chooses when becoming person- centered. However, we would say that the “becoming” is a continual process. It is something that Skills will build upon year after year. This process touches our hiring, training, and operational outlook. We now look at how people are different – not just the people we support. The idea of shared decision making and self- management does not happen overnight. There are fundamental shifts that take place in a person – centered organization that lead to the ultimate goal of continuous improvement. This means that we must continue to look at organizational drivers that focus on building relationships, being creative, respectful and receptive in our daily tasks.
One presentation states, “Person-centered is an approach to care and planning that empowers individuals to decide what they want to happen in their lives. These decisions then form the basis for development of plans and implementation.” This is a core building block and a focus as we continue to thrive as a premier health and human services organization.

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