Becoming a Lifesharing Provider

Since 1987, Skills of Central PA has been serving individuals with developmental disabilities through the Lifesharing Thru Family Living Program.

Lifesharing Thru Family Living emphasizes the importance of matching individuals with families; harmonizing values, interests, and mutual commitments. Lifesharing means finding a family or individual to share their lives with a person with developmental disabilities. All people involved take the time needed to get to know each other, including spending time together to truly develop a relationship before they make the decision to live together. The process is individualized and based on the commitment of everyone involved.

S.P, a Facebook user says, “I have been doing Lifesharing for 12 years now…..And it has been a perfect fit for me and my family.”

Skills Lifesharing Specialists provide ongoing consultations and support for the entire family including, the person, birth family, and the Lifesharing family members.

Lifesharing families are of all ages, genders, races, nationalities, and religions. They range from single people, single parents, empty nesters, two-parent families with children, and people with alternative lifestyles.

Lifesharing providers are carefully screened via a process that involves interviews, personal and professional references, home inspections, physicals, and background checks. Before making a commitment to Lifesharing families must also complete a 24-hour training program. Skills of Central PA is always looking for families and individuals to provide homes for adults with developmental disabilities. Support services, training, and a monthly stipend is provided to all Lifesharing families. And guess what? It’s tax-free!

If the idea of sharing your life with a person we support moves you, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us today to start making a difference by giving a home.

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