Skills Adult Training Program: From The Eyes Of A Mother

Melanie Walton Lee searched for a program that would offer her son, Shawn, structure. She learned of Skills of Central PA’s Adult Training Program and it’s been a rewarding experience for them both.

The Adult Training Program offers Shawn a place to go that gives him structure, routine, and FUN! Shawn and Skills staff are always going out into the community for activities like bowling, swimming, and visiting local parks. Socialization is very important to Melanie and Shawn gets a lot of it.

“Socialization is important,” says Melanie. “If he didn’t have Skills, he’d be home with me all day and all evening with limited activities and not seeing the number of people he does when he’s with Skills.”

Melanie goes on to say, “When Shawn, his father, and I are out, people will come up and say Hi, Shawn! And because he’s non-verbal, they’ll have to explain that they saw him at a ball game and he was laughing and smiling, just having fun! I love that they find it important to tell us.”

Skills of Central PA’s program are very person centered and create opportunities around a person’s strengths.  Melanie’s communication with Skills has always been very positive.

“I know that the people who work with others with Intellectual Disabilities aren’t in it for the paychecks or the glamour, they are in it from a place in their heart that wants to touch lives”, Melanie says. “ It takes a certain amount of compassion and those who do it are being rewarded internally.”

To learn more about Skills Adult Training Program, please contact us here.

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