Laura Biggs: Parent & Foundation Board Member

Laura Biggs was concerned about the well-being of her son after leaving a very structured school environment. Patrick is autistic and has extreme verbal limitations.

Laura wanted to find a place that could meet his needs and establish a routine.

After developing a plan of what an ideal day for Patrick would look like, including academics, Laura and her husband shared it with the staff at Skills Vocational Training Facility. Open and receptive to what the Biggs’ wanted, they spent some time with Patrick before making their recommendations. The outcome was a combined plan offering the best environment so he could thrive!

“Skills has been invaluable for us,” Laura says. “When Patrick graduated high school, we really didn’t know where he was going to go, and he’s not able to obtain typical employment on his own. Then we found Skills. They’ve been an invaluable resource for him.”

“His life is better because of Skills,” she adds. “I can’t stress that enough.”

Skills provides Patrick with a safe and structured environment that meets his daily needs and makes him feel valued. It provides the foundation of employment academics that will enable him to go out and work on his own.

Laura Biggs has since become an integral member of the Skills Foundation Board, bringing a unique perspective as a community member and parent.


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