Crystal Rauch: Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Mobile Psychiatric Rehab Services Change Lives.

For Crystal Rauch, life before finding Skills of Central PA’s Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services looked very grim.

Crystal suffered from Depression, Anxiety, and Agoraphobia, which kept her confined to her home and bedroom. This was like being trapped and deeply affected the relationships she had with her family. Ultimately it took her out of the community and prevented her from obtaining work to support herself.

“My mom used to stay in her bedroom all the time and sleep all the time. I never got to have a relationship with her, but since she’s been involved with Skills, she calls us to go out and do things. It feels really good to have a relationship with my mom again.” – Danealle Butler, Crystal’s daughter.

Thankfully, in 2014, Crystal found Skills Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation where her Mobile Therapist, Kaitlyn Bloom took her into the community and worked to identify her anxiety triggers; as well as teaching her the coping skills to control her response. Although Crystal acknowledges that it took a lot of hard work and commitment; the end result was a transformed life.

Crystal no longer has Agoraphobia and loves that she can get up and walk out of her home without anxiety forcing her back in. She was also able to secure permanent employment and now owns her own home and vehicle.

If Crystal’s story is similar to yours or someone you love – contact us today.

Because her results were so life-changing; Crystal has since become an advocate for people who are where she once was and hopes that her story will help as many people as possible.

We now get to see Crystal as one of our stars in the community.


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