Community Homes

Skills supports people up to 24 hours per day in homes within our local communities. We encourage our participants to live an everyday life in their community by engaging in all aspects of daily living, as any other community would. Our participants may reside in a one, two, three or four bed home depending on their wants and needs.

Services include:

Fully trained Direct Support Professionals and Supervisors are available to provide assistance with personal care, assure health and safety, and support community participation.

All employees are trained in Person Centered Thinking to best support the individual preferences of each program participant.

LPN’s are available for medical care coordination and oversight, as well as staff training and assistance with medical treatments.

Vehicles are provided for transportation needs 24 hours a day, including transportation to and from community employment.

Access to a provision of Representative Payee Services through regional administrative support staff which includes assistance for pooled trusts and burial reserve accounts.

Internal management staff is on call 24/7 to assist with any issues that cannot be handles by onsite staff.

Life Sharing

Lifesharing is a residential option for children and adults with a disability. Lifesharing offers an opportunity to live as part of an extended family in the community. Participants are given the choice of where they want to live, who they want to live with, and a lifestyle of their own.

The program supports single people and families in the community in sharing their hearts and homes.

Lifesharing families support people by providing:

Stable and long term relationships

A safe and supportive home

The support to be a neighbor, a friend, a church member, a club member, and more

Lifesharing can also be an option for relatives to support family members with a disability to stay at home.

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