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2016 Annual Appeal

November 2016

Dear Friend of Skills:

As a human service provider, Skills is financially dependent on reimbursements from federal and state agencies. For fiscal year 2016-2017 company-wide 87% of our revenue will be constituted by reimbursements from the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs; 4% from private payers; 3% from Community Care Behavioral Health; and 6% from miscellaneous agencies and contributions. Changing regulations and budget processes have a direct impact on the reimbursement structure.

As regulations have changed our reimbursements have decreased. However, we have been able to maintain $0.92 of every dollar of revenue being directed at the care of the people we serve; outpacing the industry benchmark by $0.10 for the past five years. We continue to provide quality care for those that we serve in all of our programs.

Benevolent care is our program of focus for this year's annual appeal.

Mr. Jones is a 50 year old man with intellectual disabilities residing in one of our residential group homes. He has no family to contribute to his care. He has been experiencing hearing loss, becoming more prevalent each day. Mr. Jones does not have the money in his bank account to purchase hearing aids. His only alternative is to request the funds needed for a hearing aid from the Skills Foundation. Fortunately for Mr. Jones the Skills Foundation has a benevolent care program.

Benevolent care began at Skills to provide for the individuals we serve in our residential and day programs who do not have the means to purchase essential necessities. The program has purchased specialized wheelchairs, assistive technology devices, dentures, and hearing aids. To date in 2016 the Foundation has provided funds to 25 individuals; totaling $29,000.

The funds for the benevolent care program come from donations from caring friends of Skills and fundraisers.

Please consider a donation to the Skills Foundation to assist us in continuing the Benevolent Care Program. To donate click on the donate button above.

Thank you for your time and kindness.


Gwen M. Auman, Director of Development